Eat and Lift 
Keeping it Stupid Simple
What is Eat and Lift?
The mission of Eat and Lift is to keep things as SIMPLE and EASY as possible.  Take a look at any lifting website or clean eating food blog, and you'll see how pretentious and overcomplicated they seem to make things.  You are already jugging all of life's responsibilities, now we are supposed to add workouts that pro athletes find difficult and meal plans that look like world class chefs put them together into the juggling act? What do you need to do to Lose Fat and Build Lean Muscle? Just eat and lift.  Let's not overcomplicate things. Make it easy.

With our 5 Pillar System we have changed thousands of lives and counting, plenty of people just like you, who have learned that you DON'T need to kill yourself in the gym or spend all day in the kitchen to do it. You and your coach will come up with workouts that are manageable for you, that you can do ANYTIME and ANYWHERE, and a meal plan that is simple enough for you to maintain it no matter how busy you are or how little you even LIKE to cook.
What to expect from your Coach:
Pillar #1
Engineered Fitness
These workouts will be custom engineered with your particular wants, needs, and limitations in mind so that you can get what you need to done at ANY TIME in ANY LOCATION without struggling to get to a gym or evern just fit it into a tight schedule.
Pillar #2
Nutritional Planning
Follow your custom nutrition plan and never make a mistake with food again. The plans are simple to follow and perfect for those with little time. We will also teach you meal prep and give you access to our Virtual Cookbook so you never get bored, only results.

Pillar #3
1-on-1 Accountability Coach
Stay fully committed with our Accountability Program and personal support coach. We assign you a mentor throughout the process to make sure you do the work correctly and achieve the goals you desire. Every successful individual needs support on their way to massive success.
Pillar #4
Elite Supplementation
We have searched far and wide for a LEGITIMATE supplement company. It took us 10 months and 7 certifications to carry Prestige Labs Supplement line. Formulated by PhD's for elite athletes, now its available to you, only through us. 3X your results..
Pillar #5
Community of Support
This is where its truly at peeps. When you BELONG to something, it gives that something more meaning. Our TFW Familia are truly some of the best people on earth. Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you and you will succeed in that mission. We hold student events all the time where we get together and have a blast! Just wait until you meet these people.
 You will stay just for them!
The Only Thing Missing
So, what are you waiting for? 
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